Friday, July 23, 2004
Thank you God, Goddess, Spirit Guides

 I live a charmed life... yeah I am broke... never enough money to enjoy life and not worry about the bills... as minimal as they are... but still... my life is best for it's moments of pleasures... I walked down to the local coffee house... no not a starbucks... a quaint place that recently hosted TV show Joan of Arcadia... On my return walk a gardner and perhaps his wife where cleaning and blowing the leaves and cuttings... all of a sudden... out pops this man and yells' "hey don't blow the dust on my car!" I looked up cause he startled me and then noticed what he was yelling at... I summised that he did not want them blowing near his car because it would get dust on it... he kept yelling at these people who either didn't understand him or didn't care... I walked past him and down a way and he came out of his building and still yelling approached the couple... at that point I realized... that I live a good life...  Life is too short to worry about dust on the car... what a loser this guy is... if that is his only worry in life then he needs to lighten up...

Posted at 11:34 am by CarieMagic

July 23, 2004   12:08 PM PDT
dat guy is a loser, he can get his car washed anytime. Oh, i'll try and keep my vocabulary as prestine as possible :)
July 23, 2004   12:02 PM PDT
hehe. reading this made me remember how much i've missed you! i hope things are alright.

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