Entry: It just never ends Saturday, July 31, 2004

I am so amazed at how people stir up drama... Yes I lurk every once in a while and find myself glad I lurk... oh my GOD!.... people lighten up... if your life is so cotton pickin' boring that stiring drama on blogdrive keeps you entertained... well... just don't get pissed off when people lash out!  Some who read here, and so many don't because they don't know where I disappeared to, ask themselves why does the drama start? It has been the same since the inception of blogdrive... the only one I find has a real time messenger/tagboard.... Some one once called them the blog patrol... they say they don't censor but they criticize, complain, and comment on how stupid some one is or how better off some one's life is than others... i think they just do it to have something to say... oh ... wait... hear the bees buzzing... that's DRAMA starting up on BLOGDRIVE: The Soap Box!


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